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    LTR Series LED Tape 

    Tim Forbush Describes Our New Approach

    We looked for the right authority to explain our new LTR Series tape.  Who better than our VP of Sales, Tim Forbush!  
    See the video!







    New Video!  LEDTask™ 2020 LED Tape

    We've Changed the LED Flexible Tape Market!

    Hot on the heels of our stunning new product reveal in Dallas during this January's Lightovation, we are proud to bring LEDTask 2020 to the market.  Three distinct categories that focuses on how you specify and use tape:  LTR-P Professional Series, LTR-S Specification Series and LTR-E Economy Series.  

    Check our our LEDTask 2020 video here.












    Check Out Our New LEDTask™ 2020 Catalog

    Tape, Connectors, Accessories and Power Supplies!

    Download our new LEDTask 2020 Catalog.  All of our new tape, and standards that you know so well have been re-imagined and presented in a new and easy to use catalog.  
    Click! for your digital download here.



    18700 Ridgeland Ave. Unit 150
    Tinley Park, IL. 60477
    Toll-Free (866) 671-0811
    Fax: (708) 478-2640



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